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Hipster Cafe Review 1: Guevara's

INTRO Guevara’s is a charming Cuban woman owned vegan cafe tucked away in the heart of Clinton Hill’s historic area. I came across this location while browsing through my friend’s story on instagram one day. What grabbed my attention was the wonderland of plants spread throughout the cafe and the vibrant colors. I was even more impressed by Guevara's when I went to visit in person. In this review I will be rating the cafe’s COZINESS, WORKSPACE, COFFEE, SUNLIGHT, OUTDOOR SEATING, and LOCATION. Each of these areas will be rated on a scale of 1-5 beans. 1 bean represents room for improvement while 5 beans means they are exceptional. Scroll down to see how Guevara’s performed! COZINESS = 4 Beans...

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