About Us


  The origin of No Requests begins with my career in music. As a DJ, I’ve always put hours and hours of preparation into each set. I love researching each venue and creating playlists that are perfectly tailored to flow and set the mood for the party. This time and effort put in is what makes DJing an art form. Oftentimes, people at my sets overlook this fact and flood my ears with their personal opinions of what I should be playing. These requests became very frustrating for me after I had put so much work into the music. I determined that the best solution to this problem would be to put up a sign up at each set labeled with “No Requests”. Then I decided to take that same idea a step further and create merchandise with “No Requests” labeled on them to really drive the point home! I sat on this idea for awhile and realized that the expression “No Requests” actually carry’s over into other aspects of life beyond DJing. We all have moments in our busy lives where we just want to simply unplug, relax, and accept  “No Requests”. These moments are the best times for us as humans to let our minds flow, reflect, and reset. This  concept also applies to another personal interest of mine, surfing. Surfing provides you with a great opportunity to disconnect from life’s daily stresses and reconnect with the world’s natural power and beauty. No Requests is where the ideas from surfing, music, and living your best life all intersect! Everything within the brand is designed with the highest quality so that you feel the ultimate level of comfort while embracing this mindset. That way while wearing the clothes you can go out to enjoy music in them, surf in them, and best of all LIVE in them!!
Chris Moore