Hipster Cafe Review 1: Guevara's


Guevara’s is a charming Cuban woman owned vegan cafe tucked away in the heart of Clinton Hill’s historic area. I came across this location while browsing through my friend’s story on instagram one day. What grabbed my attention was the wonderland of plants spread throughout the cafe and the vibrant colors. I was even more impressed by Guevara's when I went to visit in person. In this review I will be rating the cafe’s COZINESS, WORKSPACE, COFFEE, SUNLIGHT, OUTDOOR SEATING, and LOCATION. Each of these areas will be rated on a scale of 1-5 beans. 1 bean represents room for improvement while 5 beans means they are exceptional. Scroll down to see how Guevara’s performed!

COZINESS = 4 Beans


The candlelit indoor seating at the front of the shop.

As soon as you step into the cafe, you are welcomed by a wide variety of beautiful house plants. The cafe is also painted with bright shades of pink that fill the space with a cheerful and optimistic energy. The friendly and attentive baristas take this vibe even further. The cafe's shape is long and narrow so lining up to order can feel awkward when it's busy, but there is a great selection of candles and goodies for you to browse through while you’re wait for your coffee.



A few of the "goodies" in the shop. Some are local brands.



The sunlit rear end of the shop.

When you walk to the back of the cafe, you’ll see that they have several tables and an L shaped booth for you to sit back eat, sip, and work. You’ll enjoy working in an environment surrounded by plants and sunlight pouring in. They also have outdoor seating that provides even more open space for working on a warm day. The first time I visited, I saw a photographer and another lady sitting outside comfortably knocking out tasks on their laptops. The indoor and outdoor space are generally quiet enough for you to stay focused.

COFFEE = 3 Beans

The delicious Guava Latte

When I try new coffee spots, I always try their Americano first to really experience the full flavor of the beans that the shop uses. The flavor at Guevara's was very rich, but more bitter and tangy than I prefer. I can tell that they use quality beans, but overall there was nothing noteworthy about their coffee. The drink that they offer that IS worth talking about is their Guava Latte! At first I was skeptical about how this unique flavor would translate into the world of coffee, but I was very curious so I decided to try it out anyway. This was the best decision I had made all week! The latte was very sweet, but perfectly balanced out with a bit of the earthy savoriness from the guava. I highly recommend. They also have drip coffee, and several other espresso options for you to choose from as well.

SUNLIGHT = 5 Beans

The day I arrived to take my photos for this blog, the weather was very grey and cloudy. Regardless, I could still see how the space gets drenched with sunlight. The cafe sits on a corner with tall glass windows that get southern and eastern exposure. This light makes reading and working for extended periods of time much more and enjoyable than most cafes you’d find in the shadows of Manhattan cafe locations.


One of my favorite features of this cafe is their food. Everything here is vegan and plant based. Not only that, but the recipes are delicious! I tried the Bacon Egg And Cheese which is stuffed with mushroom bacon. If you close your eyes and bite into the sandwich, you'd easily believe there's real meat inside.  . You also don't want to miss out on their amazing empanadas.



They have plenty of outdoor seating available on the sidewalk. Some are doubles for larger groups and most are singles for when you want to come relax on your own. The sidewalk is wide allowing tons of space between you and those who stroll by. There are also gigantic trees lining the block nearby that filter the sunlight when the leaves are full during summer.

LOCATION = 5 Beans

The location is wonderful. Guevara is located on a quiet street corner in Clinton Hill. Each of the surrounding streets are full of trees and classic brownstones. Wether you live here or not, sitting outside here makes you feel like you’re a part of the neighborhood. You’ll only be accompanied by a few cars quietly passing by and locals walking their pups.


Address: 39 Clifton Place, Brooklyn, NY 11238 


Hours: 7am-10pm

Instagram: @guevarasbk

Website: www.guevaras.com