The Italian Summer Collection

I've always wanted to visit Italy during summer as a photographer. When I was younger I'd fly in to Milan for fashion week. I was always so caught up with castings and work that I never got the chance to visit other parts of Italy.

For years, I had been craving to experience the Italian culture across different landscapes. Lake Como and the Amalfi were always on the top of my list. 

This summer I finally took a leap of faith and bought a last minute plane ticket to go on both a personal and a photography mission to capture these locations that I have dreamed of for years with my camera. These cities did not disappoint. In fact, everywhere I went exceeded my expectations.

This collection of photos takes you along with me on my journey through Italy. You'll see how the flowers were in bloom, the historical homes, and feel the romantic energy that radiates in every corner of these wonderful locations. I've printed these images on rich high quality matted paper so that you can bring these magical moments into your home and enjoy them for years.