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Background Story:

Believe it or not, this photo was snapped from my lunch table. As part of my photo mission through Italy I knew it would be essential to walk the Path of Gods to properly capture the Amalfi Coast. I expected amazing views along the 7 mile trail, but what I didn't expect were the bed and breakfast cafes that were scattered along the path. I would be walking in the hot sun, and then suddenly I'd turn a corner and see these treehouse like structures just barely hanging onto the cliffside.

The cafe pictured here was towards the end of the trail right before I entered the village of Nocelle. You'd expect a restaurant with these kind of views in Amalfi to be ultra expensive. I ordered a fresh tomato mozzarella panini and a lemon Italian ice for a grand total of 8 euros. As I waited for my food to arrive I turned around in my seat and captured this photo.