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Background Story:

 I shot this photo on a vintage Minolta Supreme film camera that I bought last minute for my trip. I always knew that if I traveled to Amalfi I'd want to capture it on film, but I faced a few challenges to make that happen.

One of my favorite shots that I ever took on film was "Golden Gate Glory" (also available here as a print). I also shot that on an old Minolta camera using a Portra 400 film. Unfortunately, there has been a massive Portra film shortage and my original Minolta camera stopped working. I scrambled through New York hoping to replace these losses. I was able to track down the right camera in Brooklyn (for quadruple the price), but I had no luck finding any Portra. I decided to experiment with a new film called Cinestill 800.

There was a lot of risk taking this photo. I was working with a new camera, and a film that I'd never tried before. For all I knew, the roll would turn out blank. Fortunately, everything came together and I was able to capture the vibrant flowers and crystal clear waters of Amalfi, as seen in this photo.